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Event Crad Random

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Event Crad Random

ใช้ image.png?ex=65de1ff2&is=65cbaaf2&hm=ba2 จำนวน 100 Ea หาได้จาก ห้องบอส  + เงิน 100M ในการสุ่ม 


สุ่มการ์ด ดังนี้
Osiris Card
Baphomet Card
Doppelganger Card
Mistress Card
Golden Thiefbug Card
Orc Hero Card
Toad Card
Mastering Card
Dragon Fly Card
Vagabond Wolf Card
Eclipse Card
Angeling Card
Drake Card
Eddga Card
Ghostring Card
Maya Card
Moonlight Flower Card
Pharaoh Card
Phreeoni Card
Orc Lord Card
Stormy Knight Card
Garm Card
Dark Lord Card
Maya Purple Card
Turtle General Card
Arc Angeling Card
Dracula Card
Dark Snake Lord Card
Amon Ra Card
Deviling Card
Tao Gunka Card
RSX-0806 Card
Memory of Thanatos Card
Kiel-D-01 Card
Gloom Under Night Card
Ktullanux Card
Fallen Bishop Card
Berzebub Card
Samurai Spector Card


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